Kids, Youth, and Young Adults

Some of our amazing leaders.

Some of our amazing leaders.

Has anyone in your family or in your neighborhood problems with alcohol, drugs or poor psychological health?

You're not alone. Approximately one in five children in Sweden live with parents who drink too much alcohol or take other drugs. At least as many have parents with mental health problems.

We are here for you. You can contact us at Trygga Barnen if you feel you need support or just someone to talk to. We know what it is like to grow up with parents who have alcohol or drug problems or who feel bad/distant for any reason. We know how it feels to be a child, youth or young adult and not knowing who to turn to. Therefore we are.

You can always be anonymous when you contact us and we promise not to talk to anybody, no one needs to know that you have contacted us.

We target those who are up to 25 years.

Remember that no problem is too small or too large for us.

If you live outside Stockholm:

  • Phone – you can call us Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm: 070 - 47 77 910.

  • You can reach us via KIK, user name: tryggabarnen.

  • Support - we will do our best to help you get in touch with the right people to support you, at the place where you live, if you want.

If you live within the Stockholm area:

  • Phone – you can call us Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm: 070 - 47 77 910.

  • You can reach us via KIK, user name: tryggabarnen. 

  • Arranging professional help through our skilled therapists.
  • Trygg Hand (Safe Hand) – means that you can meet a young adult who him/herself grew up in a family with substance abuse and/or mental illness, and who today is well and can be a support for you. Along with "your" Trygg Hand, you can do things that you enjoy, such as; having coffee, go for a walk, go bowling, or just talk. A Trygg Hand can also accompany you if you have a meeting with social services.

  • Activity groups - the group meetings are led by people who themselves have grown up in families where someone abused drugs and/or felt mentally ill. The group meets once a week and we have a different theme each time. Examples of themes include: family, addiction, self-esteem or relationships. We adapt the exercises and topics for the group's needs and we want you to feel that it's important to you and your situation. Sometimes we go out on an excursion or do an activity that the group wished for. Activity groups are available for different age groups; 8-12 years , 13-16 years and 17-25 years. A new group starts each semester. The group meetings are held at our premises in central Stockholm. The fee is 300 kr per child/semester.
  • Tryggt Häng (Safe Hang) – we have an open house for you who are 7-15 years on Wednesdays between the hours of 15.00 - 17.00 at our premises on Valhallavägen 124 in Stockholm. Tryggt Häng is a time to socialize, paint, play games, or just sit and read. Sometimes we do something extra fun such as go to a movie. We are happy to help with homework, we have wifi, and always offers snacks. Please contact us before you come by. We are happy to come and meet you at the bus/tunnelbana if you think it's too scary to get here yourself.

  • Workshops - for those who are 13 to 25 years old, we offer workshops once a month, with an exciting theme. Examples of prior workshops is mindfulness and pizza baking. Sometimes we invite some inspiring speaker. Stay up to date on our facebook page or instagram for more information and registration for each workshop.

  • Trygga Högtider (Safe Celebrations) – Annual celebrations can be especially hard if you grow up in a family where someone has a problem with alcohol, drugs, and/or poor mental health issues. We know this. Therefore, we arrange a alternative gathering to Christmas, Easter and Midsummer a few days before the real dates. You may bring a friend or someone from your family and we will celebrate with all the blows and whistles, like a regular celebration but without alcohol. Obviously, there is help at the event if you want to talk to a therapist. More information will follow closer to the dates.

    If you want more information about the support we offer, you can contact us at: or 070 - 47 77 910.

Why contact Trygga Barnen?

Here are some opinions from the children and young people who participated in our support activities, on what Trygga Barnen meant to them:

"Trygga Barnen has given me support and made e feel less alone. The group has made me realize that I'm worth more than the crap that I have endured. I felt much better after I talked about my problems. No one judges you here."

"I always feel so calm and get a warm feeling in my body after being at Trygga Barnen."

"I feel stronger, braver, and has less complicated thoughts after participating in the group."

"In the beginning, I really did not want to come here. I didn't think I needed it and I didn't want to share my problems. I was scared. But Trygga Barnen has given me good things during this trip. I've learned things about myself in general. I don't regret at all that I came here."

"Trygga Barnen has made me feel less alone and have made me feel a huge community. I have learned that I'm not alone in my feelings, and that it's okay to feel the way you want. I'm very happy that I joined Trygga Barnen."

"It helps one's self-esteem and they listen and understand (they always try anyway). Everyone is nice and you get a good community feeling if you try to stay positive"

"It could have been loneliness. It could have been mourning. It could have been fear. But there was hope."