Do you need support on a child's behalf?

Do you have children or work with children and young people? Or maybe you meet children in your life in other ways? Do you need a consultation or seek support on a child's behalf, you are welcome to contact us at 070-477 79 10 or

Adults are welcome to call us between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays, other times are reserved for children and young people.

Do you yourself need support?

Trygga Vuxna helps adult relatives of people with dependency such as alcoholism, substance abuse, or mental illness. Trygga Vuxna can help you get in touch with doctors, therapists, and lawyers.

If you are worried about your own or a relative's consumption of alcohol or other drugs, you are welcome to contact our alcohol and drug therapist Hans Glaes for consulting calls. His also offer treatment. You can contact Hans on: 070-715 44 65 or

If you live outside the Stockholm area we recommend Anonyma Alkoholister. They are all around the country. Alkoholhjälpen has valuable information also.

Are you a relative and want support? We have a network of qualified therapists focused on co-dependency that we can convey to you. Contact us at or 070-47 77 910 and we will help to get you in touch with a therapist that suits you and your situation. Our therapists are in the Stockholm area and has its own hourly rate.

If you are co-dependent and live outside the Stockholm area, we recommend Al-Anon or ACA. They are also in many locations around the country.